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Have you ever dreamed something and it occurred after? If your answer is no probably you know someone that it happened. How is it possible?

We live in a multi-dimensional Universe in spite of we are unable to perceive all of them. In the same way a number of creatures are capable of experience just one or two dimensions. The simple fact of never viewing all dimensions doesn´t signifies that they do not present and so they do not have an effect on all of us. Astral projection is a process that allows us to go in another world lucidly. This world is known as astral plane or 5th dimension.

Astral projection can also be referred to as a form of out-of-body experience or OBE. However, it is more than a simple out-of-body-experience because true astral travel signifies that the person is in control of the actual situation and we are not simply only an observer of our experience.

Visiting the 5th dimension is a usual process therefore we should never be terrified or fearful of it, considering that all man go there innumerable in their lifetime. That plane, which is beyond the actual physical dimension, can be frequented by means of diverse means and on different occasions.

Our own dreams occur in the astral dimension. Astral projection likewise occur there. The mainly difference between these is awareness. While in the first we're percipient, in the 2nd the person we are not. Find out astral project is turn to conscious what we have done unconscious. The doorway of astral exploration opens once we learn A.P.

Regrettably, we have been usually not aware of all these processes and we're not conscious enough of remaining there. For that reason, mostly we stroll through that dimension with sleeping awareness, carrying out the same routines and acting as we do in daily life. Moreover, the subconscious aspect will project in that dimension its desires, its fears, or whatever may wish to bring back, hence our dreams. This implies for us a skipped opportunity since the astral dimension is a place in which real knowledge is accessible. Sometimes, we are conscious sufficient and we recognize that we are dreaming or our dreams are really vivid and realistic. Then it´s called lucid dream.

Astral projection is an advance from lucid dreaming. Astral projection or astral travel means that we move in the astral dimension at will. When we finally learn to abandon the physical body as you desire and go into the astral dimension consciously, we can talk to angels other superior beings. In that dimension we can research our past and preview the future. A.P. have been used for all known prophets to foresee events.

 Natural abilities to A.P. are found only in few people. The most part of them need to practice to get the point. Theories must be left apart to become practical astral researchers.

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